Est. 1989

"To bring the heritage of great British cheeses to the Kosher consumer. Uncompromising on quality, dedicated to the very highest Kosher standards."

Early years on the farm
One of our Pedigree Friesian cows

"It all started as a dream..."

In the mid 80s, whilst browsing in an English country market, the beautiful display of award-winning cheeses on one of the market stalls aroused an interesting thought:

“What if we could bring these wonderful cheeses to the Kosher market?  What if we could bring this selection to the Kosher kitchen.” Uncompromising on quality and dedicated to the highest possible kosher standards. 

We wanted to provide top quality English cheeses, super Kosher, made with the milk of Pedigree Friesian cows, and using traditional recipes without use of preservatives. At the same time as the above, to provide these cheeses at prices very similar to the non Kosher and thus affordable to everyone.  

We have been blessed from Above with success, and our increasing range of fine products is being enjoyed by customers, in various countries. There are also many non Jewish consumers who purchase our Kosher cheese as it has a guarantee of purity, integrity and vegetarian status. 

The management and care of the dairy herds is a major factor in producing the outstanding quality of our products, as well of course as the great skills involved in the cheese-making.

“First for Quality, First for Kashrut” – This is our motto.


– The “Chevington” Family

Purity and Integrity

Our cheese is made from fresh milk from dairy herds that are hormone free, and grass fed for most of the year. The milk is all sourced from local farms minimizing our carbon footprint.

We do not use the milk from any cow that is on antibiotics.

All of the milk in our range is pasteurised, but not super-heat treated, and our range is free from any artificial preservatives.

The annato colouring in our Double Gloucester and Red Leicester cheeses  is of vegetable origin

All rennet is vegetarian.

“Never in my life have I seen such dedication to Kashrus”

- Dayan Weitz Shlit"a
Super Kosher - Kashrus

The standards of Kosher observance which we follow are impeccable, and we are proud that since our small beginnings we were granted the Kosher Certification of Kedassia (London) Kosher Authority.

We are pleased to announce that we have now been granted the additional Kosher certification of Rabbi Landa of Bnei Brak, Israel.  Both authorities are recognised worldwide as superior Kosher licencing authorities.

Our loyal team of Kosher supervisors attend each and every milking throughout the year, whatever weather conditions may prevail.  Supervision is constant throughout the process, from the beginning of milking, through manufacturing, and finally packaging.

We are also proud to be one of the only Kosher hard cheese producers in the world with dedicated Kosher equipment.

(L-R) Dayan Weitz Shlit"a, Our Master Cheesemaker, HaRav Landau Shlit"a